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Tech Warehouse


Hello and Greetings from Tech Warehouse!

Tech Warehouse is incorporated by a mix of top-tier companies for one essential purpose:

To redefine customer service values allowing us to deliver the best value to our customers.

Our tech support services and customer service practices are reverse engineered after understanding our customers’ sweet spots and hot buttons. We aim to contrive the best possible tech support methodologies that guarantee premium customer satisfaction.

Need a laptop, tablet, or desktop but aren’t sure of the ideal specs for your application? Our team is eager to fine-tune the right specs and guide you in selecting the perfect product that matches your needs and your budget at no haggle to you.

Having an issue with your current computer or WIFI Network? You can trust that our certified team of empathetic tech support experts are ready and available to diagnose the issue and provide a resolution as soon as possible.

We work with the largest brands in the tech industry including, but not limited to, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Foscam, MSI. Our goal is to find the best mix of value and quality while appending Tech Warehouse branded products to further complement and augment value. Our products are backed with a new level of 24/7 customer support. We hold ourselves accountable to raise the bar higher each day and our efforts are reflected by our 100% customer satisfaction rate.

We have been offering top-quality computers to our customers across the US since 2014. Above all, we are committed to giving our customers a complete product experience that focuses primarily on excellent after-sales tech support to enhance the overall purchase experience. We believe that a product isn’t complete if the seller doesn’t back the item they sell. So, if you ever have any issues, just holler and we’ll hurry to assist you until the job is done!

Tech Warehouse employs the best professionals in the industry relative to skill and empathy. Our personnel are highly qualified and adroit at resolving most technical computer issues with ease while never losing sight of our eventual goal – which is to not just satisfy the customer but delighting them. At Tech Warehouse, there are no ifs, buts or “sorry for the inconvenience, but we can’t help you.” We take pride in getting the job done for you, our valued customer.

Due to our incredibly humbling, deeply appreciated recent expansion – Tech Warehouse’s Administrative Office is also now located just down the road from you! Located at 2607 W Lynchburg Salem Turnpike, Bedford, VA 24523, our Administrative Office completes the full cycle of what our customers have grown to know & love about our business: quality product, and outstanding, happy-to-help customer service team. 

While our warehouse at 186 Dillard Road in Madison Heights houses the quality, tried and true products you know us for, our Administrative Office houses the other integral source of Tech Warehouse’s welcome growth – our customer obsessed, satisfaction motivated, service oriented, hard-working IT personnel. Within these walls, are the hardworking team members who diligently track your orders from our doorstep to yours and are ready to answer any & all questions that arise not ONLY during that product’s journey to you, but long after its arrival.

We are growing to better serve our clientele and are excited to announce the addition of a branch office location for Tech Warehouse LLC. Our Human Resources and Internal Operations’ branch office is located at 151 Mitchell Bell Road, Madison Heights, Virginia 24572.

We also take advantage of the best packaging practices to make sure your delicate item(s) get to you without a scratch. Our utilization of an additional, secondary box, bubble wrap, and foam securely protects your items against rough handling by the carriers.

We are one of the few sellers that ship all orders the very same day without exception if cleared before 3PM EST. To ensure we don’t miss any shipments, we schedule 2 UPS pickups daily, which almost guarantees a 100% shipment rate and no delayed orders. If for some reason the carrier delays the item, we deal directly with your local UPS or FedEx hub to ensure seamless coordination and delivery or we ask the carrier to hold for pickup so you can then pick the item up at your leisure.

With Tech Warehouse you’ll never get a shrug or an excuse, you will see us work extensively to gain your trust and keep it where it should be; in Tech Warehouse’s ability to keep you utterly satisfied.

For more information, please visit our Amazon store and feedback page or feel free to contact us directly with any further questions or comments at any time via 888-493-9783, 213-283-0994 or 646-693-5148 (8AM-8PM EST Monday – Friday and 8AM – 3PM EST on weekends). If you’d rather text or WhatsApp, please do so on 914-215-7833 and we’ll respond right away. Finally, for those interested in visiting our warehouse, please call us at 434-219-0566 to set up an appointment.

Tech Warehouse’s success is propelled by its customer service values and we’ve seen progressive growth due to our unwavering loyalty to our customers. We’re on track to do $10MM In revenue this year, up from $5.2MM last year. We thank our brand loyal clientele for this achievement and want to reassure them that we are with them all the way!