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We provide UNCONDITIONAL TECH SUPPORT and troubleshooting for your system for a period of one, two or three years per your preference, from the date of purchase of your Tech Warehouse Tech Support Service Package. If warranty needs to be claimed, we do all the work on your behalf. You’ll often find that large companies have long wait queues and they don’t always offer personalized service. Meanwhile, we act as a personal concierge and take the hassle out of the equation for you by filing a warranty claim with the manufacturer. 9 times out of 10 though, you’ll find that our tech support agents are able to resolve the problem remotely, thus eliminating the need to send your laptop in for repairs or restoration.

Our tech support service includes but is not limited to: operating system malfunctions, incompatibility issues, software installation/ uninstallation assistance and core troubleshooting for any Microsoft Windows related issues.

☑ Data Backup and Recovery

Losing data can be one of the most frustrating and painful experiences one can possibly face. Tech Warehouse provides data backup and recovery at an affordable rate. Not only would we help you establish good and timely practices to backup critical data on encrypted cloud services, but we would also help and assist with recovering data you may have lost due to bad or faulty hard drives, accidental deletion or other unfortunate events that may have led to loss of files.

☑ Factory Restore and Formatting

Although this is a very unpopular solution and one we use as a last resort, it is sometimes inevitable and unavoidable. If all other resolution attempts fail, we sometimes need to factory reset (restore to factory settings) or reinstall your operating system for you. We do this seamlessly due to years of experience with handling factory resets. Needless to say, we’ll make sure we take cognizance of and backup all your important data and then help you restore that data faultlessly once we’ve resolved the problem.

☑ Antivirus Consult/ Computer Tune Up

Due to the way operating systems work, computers often slow down over a period of time, even if they aren’t infected with malware or viruses. We not only help you fine tune and optimize your operating system we also consult on what anti-virus software would best suit you. Because we have no direct links with any Anti-virus or anti malware software brands, our opinions are unbiased and only focus on delighting our customers. We haven’t had a single case where we couldn’t eradicate malware from a consumer’s laptop, so call us and let us get it done for you.

☑ Wi-Fi and Network Support

One of the most common calls we get are requests to either setup a Wi-Fi network OR troubleshoot a complex or extensive Wi-Fi network. We not only troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi issues, we also provide and setup network monitoring systems, setup your network against security breaches, help you to choose or upgrade your network to optimize performance and make sure there are no bottlenecks within your entire network.

☑ MS office and Outlook Setup

We’ve seen a rise in incidents where setting up a common email through several devices is plagued with technical issues. We have the right tools and expertise to help you setup a common email across all your devices so you never miss an important email. We also help you choose and select the right MS Office version for your needs, from personal to professional, we first consider what you need and then help you with your purchase.

☑ Printer and Accessory Setup

In today’s ever changing world of technology, we’re always buying gadgets and gizmos or upgrading our tech setup with fancier equipment. With that in mind, however, we also almost always need to sync these gadgets to our phones, desktops, tablets, laptops etc. Our tech support personnel possess the right skills to adroitly help you setup that new printer across all desired devices or make sure that wireless headset is correctly paired with your phone and laptop. It doesn’t matter what accessory it is, we’ll make sure you optimize its use and maximize its efficiency.