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Tech Warehouse


Ok so let me start from here, this is the second HP Spectre I bought from Techware House. What can I say these guys are awesome, Item was as described, shipped out on time and was delivered as scheduled. the after-sale support was amazing, these guys provided support beyond my expectation. Followed up with any queries i had to resolution. They are the best and would do


Great service by Tech Warehouse. I had to move hotels and they took back the laptop because UPS delivered it late and then shipped me a new one to new hotel address. The laptop is extremely good and Tech folks upgraded some components for free

Milind C

Hands down the best customer service I’ve received in an extremely long time. I have dealt with Dell Computers and HP customer service for various issues and they couldn’t help me with their issues. Tech Warehouse: very knowledgeable and proactive when you have any issues


Tech Warehouse LLC has amazing customer service!! If you have a question or concern about your item, they are friendly, and professional and respond quickly. I received a splendid new computer, yet I asked some super technical questions about it, and they were diligent in following up and seeking answers. I highly recommend them! They are phenomenal!! I would give them 10 stars if I could!!


This seller is unbelievably amazing! It is like being pampered in a SPA. They attend to your specific needs, wants and questions. Buy from this seller and I assure you will be mindblown by the customer service that they provide. Special shoutout to Super Frank and Amazing Mike for making sure everything was okay and all my questions were answered. God bless you all Tech Warehouse LLC!


Tech Warehouse Deals is SIMPLY THE BEST! Their Customer Service ESPECIALLY FRANK, is FANTASTIC!!! They absolutely won’t let you go until EVERYTHING is up and running. Even if it’s a problem that something else you bought you bought “won’t talk to your new computer”, they never quit until the problem is resolved, and you’re a HAPPY CAMPER!!!! Would ALWAYS buy from them!!!!


I’ve been very impressed with the response and assistance of Tech Warehouse team. They’ve gone beyond help to assist with all/any issue that I may have. If I were to purchase another computer, it would be from this seller. I’m very sensitive to how I’m treated as a customer when I come to spend money with any business or organization. Tech Warehouse has ‘nailed it.’


The entire Tech Warehouse team delivers amazing customer support. Their response time is very fast and they work diligently to resolve any issues and provide detailed technical support. They are outstanding. I would definitely buy from them again.

J Beth

The people at Tech Warehouse to above and beyond to deliver the products you ordered on time and in addition provide service and support for those products. Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable are the words I would use to describe them. This was a great experience and I will be sending more business their way in the future.